Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!!!!!!!..... Blah!

Just another old picture of mine that was taken close to three years ago I think. I'm struggling to search through my collection to keep this blog updated without uploading lesser quality i.e "Shit" images. I still have no iMac or a computer that won't fall on it's arse when I try to do some post production on it so I must still wait and keep everything on memory cards. I have been taking my camera out more recently and have come away with a few decent shots but usually I am left frustrated, knowing that the images are not nearly as good as I want them to be. The odd time I feel that I am getting my "photographic mojo" back but quickly it disappears again which is quite annoying.

Ah well. I do have a few ideas and plan to finish a project that has been left abandoned these last few months. Until I get a computer I will continue to post these older pics...


This was one of the shots taken during my first ever night using a tripod. Since then I very rarely use a tripod as I find it very slow and somewhat boring. But I do quite like this one. There is a sense of calm and solitude I think because of the contrasting darkness outside and the bright fluorescent lights inside.

Creepy Artwork

I found this art space on Unter den Linden last year. I thought it was quite strange to see a sculpture of a creepy looking girl who almost looks as if she is hiding behind the corner from somebody.


Just thought I would upload a couple of pics of my family as I haven't posted many on this blog. Both of these were taken the weekend before I moved to Berlin for the first time last year. All of my brothers and my sister came back to Sligo to have a small bbq which is seldom these days. Good times were had.

Hanging Out To Dry

Here is an old photograph that I took about two and a half years ago. It is at the side entrance to my family home back in Sligo. I (surprisingly) still quite like it as there's lots of atmosphere and contrast between the dark shadows and bright lights.