Autumn Collection

This series of shots were taken in a northern suburb of Berlin called Buch. It is not often that I have seen such open landscapes here. It was nice, and reminded me a little of Ireland too. This was one huge field which had a lake at one end and row after row of corn plants at the other. I tried to capture the feeling of autumn here, with its desaturated brown colours, grey skies, bare trees and fallen leaves.

Window Displays

Just a couple more pics that I took while taking a stroll along a busy shopping street.

An Evening At Potsdamer Platz

The summer was so beautiful here in Berlin. Daylight until 10pm, sandals and shorts, pale Irish skin getting burnt, aaaaaaaah it was so great. Now? Cold, wet, bleak and it gets dark at 4.30pm. These shots were taken a couple of weeks ago before the clocks went back one hour. Nice autumn evening sky though.

I know I know I know...

... More mannequins, yes I know. I'm trying to find better images as I feel that too many of them from this series are just too bland and uninteresting. Hopefully at the end I will have a collection of about 10-15 errrrrr un-bland and interesting images possibly for exposure at an exhibition.

20th Anniversary Berlin Mauer Fall

November 9th marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. There were many events taking place all around the city to celebrate the occasion, some of which I have documented here.

Giant dominoes lining a segment of the route of the Berlin Wall were toppled late in the evening. This was billed as a metaphor for the way that the real wall came down twenty years before.

During the day several people dressed as angels stood on rooftops seemingly watching down on the people of the city.

Earlier in the day an event called The Berlin Wall Of Sound took place in Mauer Park (wall park). This consisted of a 200 meter long stretch of guitarists and bassists playing to the instructions of the conductor.

In Mauer Park as well as the Berlin Wall Of Sound there was a line of photographs exhibited, some of which were taken before the wall came down.


This is just a selection of what I feel are my best photographs whilst living in Co. Dublin from September 2008 - June 2009. I wasn't particularly inspired while living there but am happy to show what are my best landscape shots.

(Note that these were taken during a time when I added black borders to a number of my photographs. As I was shooting in JPEG I do not have the original RAW file and so now I cannot remove them.)