Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo

Sometimes I forget how beautiful Sligo can be. There are so many open landscapes to explore and on the right day when the light is good it really can amaze.

For Pooch

My sister has been the person that I have photographed the most. I didn't know much at all when I got my first camera; barely understanding the relationship between shutter and aperture, so she should be commended for her patience while I forced her to be my learning subject. Recently she complained that there was not one photograph of her on the blog. She started to become jealous of all the mannequins that I photographed the past few months, calling them "porcelain faced bitches".

So, Pooch. This post is for you. I hope your happy now.

Visiting Berlin

I spent the last week in Berlin visiting friends, attending a couple of job interviews and sitting beside Liam Neeson for about an hour in a pub (he likes Tayto more than Walkers), so I didn't have as much time as I liked to take photographs. The weather was also cold, the city full of snow and the footpaths icy.

I came pretty close to breaking my camera too. I had just taken it out of my backpack to take a photograph and hung it around my neck as I walked ahead when I suddenly slipped with both my legs disappearing from underneath me. As I was in mid air I had a choice; Save my camera or my back?.... save my camera or my back?.... save my camera or my back? Naturally I held onto my camera tight with both hands and let my back take the force of the impact. I feel lucky because had the camera still been in my backpack, I'm sure something would've broke. Hopefully now I just have to wait a couple of weeks at the most for my back, neck and shoulders to fully heal and then I'll return to my super fit self again.