Let It Go

"So don't go and make a big deal out of nothing. Well it's just a storm on a dime. And I've always found there's nothing that money can't buy. I've already gone to the place I'm going. There's no place left to fall. And there's something to be said for saying nothing at all."

T. Waits


Just a couple more shots I took around the steps leading up to the entrance of the Tv Tower in Berlin.

At The Edges

Where I grew up, there are many beaches and cliffs and landscapes to just chill and relax. It is on the west coast and sometimes it feels as though you are standing at the edges of the world looking out into the great distance. There is an awesome sense of freedom and contentment when experiencing this. Perhaps I will go visit these places when I am back in Ireland next week for a short break from Berlin.

p.s I finally got an iMac which means new photos taken relatively recently and more frequent posting.