Quiet But Productive

I haven't posted much lately for a couple of reasons. Apart from landscapes, I can't see much else to photograph here in Sligo. When I do want to explore the countryside I lack the transport to get anywhere and when I do have the transport, its usually at the wrong time of day when the light is bad. I have a bicycle (which needs to be mended) so I should get a few pics eventually. Also I will be visiting Berlin again next week for a few days. I hear that it's nice and frosty there. Plenty of snow, frozen lakes, interesting places, I'm sure I will be back with some images to share.

The other reason that I haven't been posting much as of late is because I have my own exhibition to get ready. It will consist of nine images of the mannequin series that I posted earlier in this blog. All of the prints are done (nice and big at 12 x 18 inch) and now I need to decide how best to mount and hang them onto the wall. It will be my first exhibition so I'm a bit nervous at how it will turn out, but of course I know that it's a great opportunity for me to gain some experience and perhaps make a name for myself. Hopefully from there I can expand on other projects I've been planning and have more and more exhibitions in the future with lots of wealth and fame to follow. Or it could turn out to be the only exhibition I ever do. Who knows? Not me...

Exciting times? Oh indeed!

The exhibition will be held in Sligo in the Artmart studios. Opening night will be Saturday 13th March with the show running the whole of the following week. More information will be posted closer to the date.

Journey Through The Evening

I went for a drive the other day with some of my family to nowhere in particular. We ventured as far as Donegal and drove along the outskirts of Sligo. Nothing really caught my eye that would've made me cry "stop the car!" so I was happy enough to just sit in the back seat and wait for a couple of moments that appealed to me...


This image of mine was chosen as the front and back cover illustration for the poetry anthology of the 2009/10 NUI Galway MA in Writing class, 'Measured Words'.

Frozen Stiff

Most of the country is still covered in snow making it difficult for me to go anywhere and take some photographs so I have to be imaginative enough to take some new ones around my house instead. I'm lucky that where I live is so open. I'm surrounded by fields! It's nice to have the opportunity to photograph white landscapes instead of the usual green. Change is good I suppose no matter how damn cold it gets! I'm sure the novelty of it all will wear off pretty soon though. Pretty soon indeed.....

After trekking through the fields earlier today I saw something blue popping out from the snow in my back garden. I pulled it a little and discovered this jacket frozen stiff just like the towels that were on the clothes line the night before that I banged my head against. It was not so painful as unexpected and confusing.