Timeless Berlin

Just posting a link to my Timeless Berlin project on my website. It consists of 35 images shot in Berlin the past two years. Every image is b&w. My intention is to have a collection of images that ignore the fact that they were taken in modern times. I want the viewer to experience and feel as if they could have been taken anytime over the last 40-50 years.

Sipping On The Sweet Nectars Of Your Memories

Last night I ran into my old life
still waiting for someone at the station
someone who never made it into my new life
so I called up Lisa
'cause she's my only friend
"Lisa I don't know anymore,
every heartbeat needs a reason"

She said
"That's when the feeling hits
so just lick your lips
can you smell the spring time in the breeze
you gotta start sipping on the sweet nectars
of your memories"

New Website

Quite recently I started a new website to show projects that I have completed and to advertise my work as a wedding, event and fashion photographer here in Berlin. Please share the link and tell friends about me.

Sometimes I Wonder

Cause in a world full of wonders
To let it openly wonder
When there's still a little wonder left in you