Snow Snow Snow!!!

Light snowflakes started to fall the morning I left Berlin and I was waiting four days back home in Ireland to see them again.

Now that I am again surrounded by fields and the little river that flows behind my family home, I decided to step out of the house early to take a few pics. I don't think I have ever walked on snow as solid as this before. It took a little effort to even make a footprint and a little bit more effort to stay out and fight the cold. When I did return inside all I thought of is would I ever get some feeling back in my toes?

I did!

Leaving Berlin

I have returned home to Ireland for the festive period and a little while after. It could be a couple of months until I am back living there so I hope to work on some little projects that I've been thinking about lately.

For now, I give you the last photo I took of Berlin during my stay.

A Christmas Fun Fair

Well I haven't calibrated my monitor yet and it looks like I won't get it done very soon, so I decided to post up some of the pics I took the last couple of weeks. As it is so close to Christmas, there are alot of colourful lights in the city. This is no more evident than in the huge fun fair near Alexanderplatz.

Not Very Active?

Okay, it has been two weeks since my last post and you (if there are people following this) may be thinking that I have stopped taking photographs or have been uninspired. Well the answer is that I HAVE been taking photographs and I AM happy with them. It's just that I have only recently started to do something that I have been putting off for quite awhile, which is to calibrate my computer monitor. Last week I printed a few images and well, they appear different to what I see on my screen. Slightly darker, colours a bit different, my worst fears were realised.

Hopefully I will have the monitor calibrated in the next few days so that I can choose and and do my usual ever so gentle post production on the ones I like. And hopefully all the images that I have taken the past two and a half years won't look drastically different and to my unliking. Otherwise, y'know...... aaggghhhhhhh!!!!!!