Quick update

For the last few weeks I have had some trouble with my laptop which means that I cannot do anything with my photographs as all of the software I use is on that machine. I have taken quite a few photographs though; venturing to a number of Sligo's beaches, visiting a house on a mountain, walking by the coast along the Atlantic ocean, witnessing some beautiful bright red sunsets and tranquil lake side settings aswell as being chased by an angry ram down an old country road. As soon as I get my laptop working again, or can afford a new one, I will have new photogaphs uploaded. Until then, I guess we will just have to wait.

On another note, unfortunately I have had to cancel my exhibition that I had planned as I am waitng on a call from Berlin any one of these days now to fly over for a job interview. The dates were too close together and I couldn't really guarantee whether I would still be in the country when the exhibition came around. I was told that I probably have the job, so hopefully, with every single one of my fingers permanently crossed, I shall be moving back to Berlin in the next few weeks and thus rescue me from this seemingly never ending boredom that surrounds me at present.