This Week I Have Been Mostly Eating...

Okay. I'm back living in Berlin now, working lots and trying to find the time to take some photos. I still have no computer (currently dreaming of Mac's) so I can't do anything with the few hundred pics I have stored on my memory cards. It's really frustrating and is a problem that I want to be remedied very soon.

So far In Berlin I have gone for a number of bike rides in the Southern part of the city enjoying the start of the Summer and taking a few snaps along the way. I plan to purchase a Polaroid camera pretty soon too which hopefully could be scanned and uploaded easily online. Other than that I will continue taking pics and wait until I can buy a new computer.

I've also been pricing different frames that could be used for my already printed Mannequin series. As of now I have nine prints, two or three of which I intend to discard and replace with new shots when I get the time. When I'm happy with all that then I will try to exhibit. Already I have spoken to one studio about this. After I am settled here in Berlin I will also buy more photography books and immerse myself more and more into imagery, think of different ways to develop my style and start some new projects.

Recently I bought a couple of books about Hungarian photographer Andre Kertesz. His composition and the way he documents people and how they interact with their surroundings has already influenced me whilst also frustrating me greatly as I know I will never be as good as him.