Galway Bay

In that dream I'm as old as the mountains
Still is starlight reflected in fountains
Children grown on the edge of the ocean
Kept like jewelry kept with devotion

In that dream moving slow through the morning

You would come to me then without answers
Lick my wounds and remove my demands for now
Eucalyptus and orange trees are blooming
In that dream there's no darkness alluded

The Rains Are Gonna Come

Well I kept thinking about what the weatherman said
and if the voices of the living can be heard by the dead
Well the day is gonna come
When we find out and in some kinda way
I take a little comfort from that (now & then)

Cause people often talk about being scared of change
but for me I'm more afraid of things staying the same
Cause the game is never won
by standing in any one place for too long

New Project: Sneak Peek

I recently visited a small town called Cortes in the east of Spain, about one hour from Valencia's city centre. When I heard that this place was located in a valley between two mountains, had a population that rose to one thousand in the summer months and had an average age of... well I'm not sure. But old, old enough for me to imagine that this place could possibly be some sort of timeless existence where everybody and everything remained unspoiled from life's more tarnishing qualities.

Anyway, here is a sample of what the projects will be like. I wanted to do a short reportage on the people living in Cortes and the peacefulness of their day to day lives.