It was never my intention to post regular overused photographs such as sunsets, landscapes and flowers but seeing as I am still without a computer and unable to process anything I have taken the past few months, I give you... Flowers!

Sibling Portraiture

I just want to post some family portraits. The first two are of my sister, and the last of my three brothers. They were all taken quite a while ago. The pics of my sister are three years old now and the other about two years old, taken as we prepared a BBQ at our home in Sligo during the summer.

Berlin Festival 2010

Last weekend I went to the Berlin Festival which was held in Tempelhof, a former airport in the middle of the city. The main act I wanted to see was Chilly Gonzales (top two pics). He was great as usual and the third time I have seen him play live in the last four months. LCD Soundsystem were also excellent as was Adam Green who even brought Macaulay Culkin on stage to sing a duet together. Other acts included Peaches who was quite good and had an amazing laser show, Lali Puna who despite some technical problems and a short set managed to please, Herman Dune who were great from the few songs that I saw of them, and Fever Ray who were quite disappointing really.

Studio Work

When I was studying photography last year in Dublin I never really got into it very much. It was always at the last minute that I would finish an assignment and even for studio work I was reluctant to do anything that was necessary to finish my projects. I'm not sure why exactly. Perhaps in the future I will return to college but for now I just prefer to work alone and do what I want.

This picture is typical of what I mean. It was my only time ever in the studio and I didn't even finish up with one decent picture of what we set up. Instead I was and am most happy with a pic of a college mate blowing a bubble into the "scene".