These were taken one spring morning while living in Dublin. The light was perfect. The sun shone directly onto the trees outside my bedroom window planting shadows onto the net curtains.

Vapour Trails

I captured these trails in early '09 while living in Dublin. I love looking up and watching a plane flying through the sky creating this wonderful mark for a temporary time.

Need Water...... Now!

It's absolutely scorching here in Berlin at the moment with temperatures reaching about 38 degrees daily. My Irish skin could never cope in these conditions so perhaps it is a good thing that I usually spend the hottest parts of the day indoors at work. Everyday I long for an intravenous drip flowing constantly from a huge water tanker to my arm. Perhaps this would quench my thirst once and for all. Or perhaps a dip in one of Berlin's many lakes. I am finally learning to swim so hopefully it'll still be summer by the time I'm ready to "swim" in public.

I was searching through my photos for a water filled pic and found this. I want to post it because as a nice little coincidence, I shot it exactly one year ago today.

And more water...

Black & Whites

All of these photos are about a year old already. I decided to post them because surprisingly, I still quite like them for whatever reasons. Usually I dismiss most of my pics as rubbish after a couple of months, thinking how or why did I ever want to show them to people. Perhaps the reason I don't feel the same way about these is because I haven't improved as a photographer, which is quite possible as I rarely take new photos these days.

Hopefully this will change soon...