Blind fish being used as musical scales. Sharks puffed for fish and whales. I long to be by the sea where a blossom falls from a cherry tree. That's what jazz is to me.

Three forms, four forms, five forms, six forms, seven forms, eight forms, nine forms. A blossom falling from the cherry tree. That's what jazz is to me.

As Einstein said about his theory. I love, I love, I love, I love jazz. It's in your heart, it's in your soul, it's in your mind. The colour of death, sweet vanilla essence. Richard Harris and Donald Pleasance. And a cherry blossom falling from a cherry tree. That's what jazz is to me.

N. Cave


During the summer one of Berlins former airports, Tempelhof, reopened as a public park after nearly two years of closure. It's a massive area complete with the runway still a runway which makes for a great feeling when cycling to nowhere in particular. Now it is covered in snow and quite empty. I just need to bring my camera with me next time...

Black Ball Left Corner Pocket

Sometimes I play pool (billiards) in a pool hall which looks as if it was an old factory building of some sort. It's a nice enough place but I am shit at pool. I am not sure if I was ever any good at all but in Ireland I played about three times a week and now I have lost whatever little quality I might have had.

It's a sad story.


Tonight I finally continued working on my Mannequins project from last year. I think I got one or maybe two shots that could end up in the final series but only time will tell if I think they are good enough. Already I have nine prints done but now, nearly a year later, I only like four or five of them. It could be next summer until I have the whole thing finished and ready for exhibition (if I can find somewhere to exhibit).

I won't be posting any images which might feature in the series as I prefer to keep it as a surprise. But for now here is a couple that turned out a bit different from the others.

Photographs In A Basement

A few months ago a friend of mine had a photo exhibition here in Berlin. The aim of the show was to illustrate how our personal devices, be it mp3 players, mobile phones, cameras, computers or anything else have an effect on our relationship with other people and our external environment.

A small concert also followed in the basement of the venue. The atmosphere was very relaxing and the room dimly lit by a few candles placed around the musician. Every so often a corner of the room would fill up with the light from outside as somebody entered or left the room presenting me with the opportunity to take a few photos of friends around me.


Early Arrivals

This was taken a couple of weeks ago back in Ireland on the day of my brothers wedding. A few of us were early and waited around for everybody else to arrive at the church...