Not Very Active?

Okay, it has been two weeks since my last post and you (if there are people following this) may be thinking that I have stopped taking photographs or have been uninspired. Well the answer is that I HAVE been taking photographs and I AM happy with them. It's just that I have only recently started to do something that I have been putting off for quite awhile, which is to calibrate my computer monitor. Last week I printed a few images and well, they appear different to what I see on my screen. Slightly darker, colours a bit different, my worst fears were realised.

Hopefully I will have the monitor calibrated in the next few days so that I can choose and and do my usual ever so gentle post production on the ones I like. And hopefully all the images that I have taken the past two and a half years won't look drastically different and to my unliking. Otherwise, y'know...... aaggghhhhhhh!!!!!!


  1. best of luck with that Steve! looking forward to next batch!