Visiting Berlin

I spent the last week in Berlin visiting friends, attending a couple of job interviews and sitting beside Liam Neeson for about an hour in a pub (he likes Tayto more than Walkers), so I didn't have as much time as I liked to take photographs. The weather was also cold, the city full of snow and the footpaths icy.

I came pretty close to breaking my camera too. I had just taken it out of my backpack to take a photograph and hung it around my neck as I walked ahead when I suddenly slipped with both my legs disappearing from underneath me. As I was in mid air I had a choice; Save my camera or my back?.... save my camera or my back?.... save my camera or my back? Naturally I held onto my camera tight with both hands and let my back take the force of the impact. I feel lucky because had the camera still been in my backpack, I'm sure something would've broke. Hopefully now I just have to wait a couple of weeks at the most for my back, neck and shoulders to fully heal and then I'll return to my super fit self again.

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