Timeless Berlin

At the moment I am incredibly confused at which direction my photography is going. I have a certain style which I am trying to develop so that I take a more classical approach. I want my photographs to be timeless images capturing a moment which could have been taken any number of years ago. I intend to document Berlin in this style over the next while. Below are a couple of images as an example.

Also lately I have been doing a lot of research, scanning through books of many great photographers which have obviously had a strong impression on me as I yearn to evoke the same thoughts and emotions from my own images as I feel when studying the works of others. It is frustrating because nowadays I think it is very difficult to establish such a career for oneself. Most photographic employment comes through freelance jobs with newspapers, magazines and various online resources. Of course there are other means of employment for a photographer. But for a photographer who is leaning towards the artistic documentary side of the industry it is not so easy.

So I don't know what will happen in the future. I think I am waiting for something to hit me on the head, spark an idea and go from there. Hopefully that something won't be too hard and knock me out cold otherwise there will be no photos and no blog updates. And that would be a sad, sad existence for everybody associated with me. Or maybe it won't. We will see...


  1. Love the use of shadows in photographs, they look really good Stevie :)
    Makes me think of works by an inspiring designer I know of;

  2. Thanks Sinead! That guy's work looks quite interesting alright. Cheers!

  3. Superb. Could you send this on to me as a file?