Berlin Night Shoot

At the moment more than 50 of Berlin's major landmarks and buildings are being illuminated because of the annual Festival Of Lights. Last night I went out intending to photograph these amazing light shows and was encountered by a rather large amount of photographers, tripod in hand, who had the same idea. At the Brandenburger Tor it was crazy. Everywhere I stepped I got in the way of somebody's shot. This is not how I like to do photography. It is bad enough that I don't have enough patience for using a tripod, add the fact that I would have to be content with a an angle that wasn't what I wanted, maybe then you can realise that I have no pictures of the light show yet.

Instead I decided to take advantage of the wet weather and the reflection of lights all around and take some pics that well could easily have been taken any night of the week. This happens to me quite alot where I set out to document some event and then quickly lose interest, only to end up photographing the crowds or traffic that the event has caused due to it's popularity.

The festival will last for another week so I have plenty of more time to get the shots that I want. But for now here are the images from my first evening.

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  1. really nice steve. love that you got distracted with something else and ended up with a completely different set of photographs than you intended. last one is hilarious by the way...