This photograph was shot from the outside of the now defunct entertainment park in Berlin. It has been closed since 2002 but remains a popular attraction to Berliners and traveller's due to the risk involved trespassing onto the grounds and trying to remain unseen from the patrolling security and their rotweilers. It is a huge area situated in one of the cities biggest parks and is full of overgrown grass, bushes and hedges which add to the mystique and eariness surrounding the area and it's past.

This year a film has been released, titled "Achterbahn" which documents the story of owner Norbert Witte and his family who fled to Peru with six of their park's attractions after the business went bust. Having lied to the German authorities and pretended to send the parts for repair, he then attempted to return to his homeland with his now "repaired" parts, one of which contained 180kg of cocaine. Witte and his son Marcel were arrested. Marcel is currently serving a 20 year prison sentence in Peru while his father returned to Berlin due to health problems.

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