Hidden Beauty

These two images are part of an as of yet unfinished project of mine titled "Hidden Beauty". The aim of this project was to capture the surrounding areas of a touristic place or attraction by basically turning my back to the crowd. I feel that there is so much interesting things around these places that it's a shame that so many of us act just like sheep and follow everyone else.

From stories that I have heard, this is similar to what happens in the Louvre Museum in Paris. Everybody is like a good little tourist and enjoying all the artworks until they catch a glimpse of a large crowd gathered around the Mona Lisa. Naturally the majority of these people gravitate towards the "herd" and ignore the other brilliant paintings and sculptures that are unlucky enough to be left in the famous works shadow.

The first photograph was taken about two years ago at Glencar Waterfall, Co. Leitrim, Ireland.

The second image was taken directly across from Berlin's East Side Gallery which is the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall.

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